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Technology History

A significant and growing body of +40 basic science, animal and human subject clinical research studies support the sam® family of ultrasound products FDA approvals, indications and clinical outcomes achieved for patients. Over 20 level I-V clinical research studies, randomized-placebo-controlled trials and publications on back pain, arthritis pain, strain injuries of tendons and ligaments, recovery, range of motion, strength and the healing of soft tissue have been published on ZetrOZ Technology. Additional clinical health economic studies have demonstrated that sam® treatment saves over $27,000.00 in medical and indemnity expenses when introduced early into the treatment program of an injured patient. sam® is clinically proven to treat the underlying cause of pain, reduce healthcare costs and the risks associated surgery and medication. Additionally, sam® has proven to return patients to work with elbow and shoulder injuries to maximum medical improvement (MMI) in 8-weeks, and 10-weeks for lower-back injuries.

Over a decade ago the precursor of sam® medical technology was evolving out of a biomedical research laboratory in the founders lab. Since FDA approval in 2014, sam® has already helped over 200,000 patients in the United States. This has been made possible by the support of US Governmental agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, the National Arthritis Foundation and University and Industry partners who have funded millions of dollars of research into the sam® family of ultrasound products. sam® is currently being used by thousands of athletes, soldiers and chronic pain suffers, and is covered by health insurance for the military and veterans, professional, Olympic and college athletes, and people injured in accidents on and off the job. There is growing awareness and our company BHAG is to help 100 million people with sam® technology and research.

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